Integrated Wellness Programme

dumbbells in the gym pictureAll of our Wellness Packages are designed to suit each individual company's needs. By working closely with our clients, assessing needs, budgets and priorities, each Integrated Wellness Package compliments existing company policies and ethos.

When you implement an Integrated Wellness Programme with Equilibrium you will:

  • Demonstrate a genuine concern for the wellbeing of your staff
  • Identify key performance factors, to increase overall staff
    productivity and performance
  • Develop strategies to improve overall performance of the company
  • Implement these strategies into the whole company, or even
    individual departments
  • Evaluate and analyse the success of the programme


open quote...MTN-I is now a company that thinks that the health and wellbeing of its team is important - not as a throw away line in a mission statement but something we invest money and time in. It's hard to put a price on the overall wellbeing and moral of the team; suffice to say that they are the company's most valuable assets and investing in their wellbeing seems to have had a positive effect beyond any I expected.close quote

Mike Tims
Managing Director