Small Group Personal Training

What is Small Group
Personal Training?

small group training pictureSmall group Personal Training is a unique way for people to benefit from the quality of service of Personal Training but in a small group situation. The group may be made up of a group of friends, work colleagues or even people with similar training goals or interests.

Benefits of Small Group
Personal Training:

  • Cost effective for individuals
  • Maintains quality of training
  • Group situation is very motivational
  • Fun interaction between participants
  • Effective moral / team building
  • Brings together people with a similar goal


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open quoteOne of the best training sessions I have ever experienced. Lyndon is a great motivator, his training techniques are very intense yet fun. No boring running around the park, just simple to the point exercise -
I love it.close quote

Chiara Bonuglia
Sales Manager
Como Hotel and Resorts



open quoteAfter a gap of nearly 10 months I have returned to Lyndon Littlefairís world of wellness! Iím not sure quite how, but in 1 hour he managed to work every muscle in my body and make sure I remembered a few that I had completely forgotten existed over the last 10 months. Much more than this despite the aches today I have rediscovered my motivation to get in shape again! Iíll be back for more!close quote

Thomas Woodward