The Benefits of an
Integrated Wellness Programme

Decrease Workplace Absenteeism

open quoteWorkplace absenteeism costs UK economy £12 billion every year.close quote

HSE - Press Release January 2006

open quoteBusiness loses 4.9 million days a year to work- related back pain.close quote

HSE - Press Release
June 2005

open quoteI can testify that after suffering from lower back issues on a daily basis from the age of about 23 to 38 (i.e. 15 years), that these problems seem now a thing of the past and that training with Equilibrium has improved my life considerably.close quote

Robin Keston
MD, Club 2000 Bingo

Increase Staff Moral and Productivity

open quoteExercise has been seen to improve staff productivity by 12.5%.close quote

NASA Research

open quoteThe top health-related benefit staff would like to see introduced is a Personal Trainer.close quote

Well-Being at work, Norwich Union Healthcare

open quoteImplementing the Integrated Wellness Programme with Equilibrium has been the biggest boost to staff moral and team-building I have ever seen in a company.close quote

Mike Tims, Managing Director, MTN-I

Help Your Staff
Manage Pressure at Work

open quoteHalf a million individuals in Britain believed in 2004/05 that they were experiencing work-related stress at a level that was making them ill.close quote

Health and Safety Executive 2006

open quoteHeadaches and neck tension have been largely eliminated and in the event that anyone feels that they are becoming tense, they have a repertoire of exercise to relieve this.close quote

Mike Tims, Managing Director, MTN-I



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