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I began training with Lyndon on a weekly basis towards the end of 2002. Soon after our sessions began, I fell pregnant with our second child. I continued the sessions with Lyndon throughout the whole pregnancy, and I can honestly say he was fantastic.

woman at gym pictureAs soon as I told him the news, he immediately altered my programme. His knowledge of what should and shouldn’t be done was very thorough. This coupled with further research resulted in a programme that was completely tailored to my condition. We focused predominantly on the lower back, abdominals and pelvic floor, and to this day I swear by it. I had absolutely no back pain (even at full term) and felt strong, healthy and full of energy throughout the whole pregnancy.

My labour was quick and relatively easy (if there is such a thing!) and my recovery was very fast. I bounced back into shape in a very short period of time, and I have no doubts that a lot of this can be credited to the training I did with Lyndon prior to the baby being born.

I would not hesitate to recommend Lyndon to anyone who is considering training whilst pregnant. He is very knowledgeable on the subject and can only enhance the pregnancy experience.close quote

Jane Seaborn


open quoteAt first I was very enthusiastic about the idea of the classes but as the time for them approached I became quite cynical. I thought they would take too much time out of the working day (especially when I’m lucky to get a lunch break), the thought of my colleagues seeing me in gym kit was also a slight worry plus I’m not sure how convinced I would be of the benefits.

The initial assessment was very reassuring; the instructor never makes you feel bad about how you are performing and the feedback, though technical, was explained well and easy to understand.

In the first few sessions with the group plenty of time was given over to ask questions. I think there was lots of scepticism about how things would be but at the same time a desire to do it right.

I think even after the first session I began to notice a difference. The aches that I used to suffer from in my back and shoulders from sitting at a desk were less noticeable and if I did have a problem the instructor had given me methods to combat these. I can now happily say that my back hardly ever has a problem these days.

My colleagues and I have also noticed we are calmer on returning to the office and one hour a week is easily spared.

The classes did, and still do, prompt discussion at work whether that be talking about how the sessions have helped with certain problem areas for an individual or about the new exercise that had everybody gritting their teeth!close quote

Lorainne Cushnie
MTN Market Reporter, MTN-I


open quoteFollowing repeated dislocation and surgery to my right shoulder and ongoing lower back problems I was introduced to Lyndon and asked him to devise a regime to sort out these areas of core weakness.

He analyzed my individual requirements and devised a systematic programme of core stability work and postural improvement combined with some fitness definition goals.

man playing squash pictureI can testify that after suffering from lower back issues on a daily basis from the age of about 23 to 38 (i.e. 15 years) that these problems seem now a thing of the past and that training with Lyndon has improved my life considerably.

His manner and approach were entirely appropriate to what I needed and we developed a relaxed and enjoyable regime which meant that going to the gym 2 to 3 times a week was not as unbearable as it might otherwise have been with another trainer. Thanks Lyndon!!!close quote

Robin Keston
Managing Director, Club 2000 Bingo


open quoteOriginally the justification for investing in a wellbeing programme came from the statistical evidence that sick days would be reduced and healthy people are likely to perform better. Having implemented the programme, I now see it as a completely positive and transforming experience in itself, which goes far beyond these initial justifications.

cycling man pictureIt has also become part of the identity of the company, both internally and with our clients. MTN-I is now a company that thinks that the health and wellbeing of its team is important – not as a throw away line in a mission statement but something we invest money and time in. It’s hard to put a price on the overall wellbeing and moral of the team; suffice to say that they are the company’s most valuable assets and investing in their wellbeing seems to have had a positive effect beyond any I expected.

Headaches and neck tension have been largely eliminated and in the event that anyone feels that they are becoming tense they have a repertoire of exercises to relieve this. Several people used to suffer regularly from these problems but are now largely free of them.

Communication and co-operation between team members has been the biggest surprise and benefit to the company regardless of the individual health benefits achieved. The group sessions and assessments are a shared experience, which have contributed greatly to team moral and motivation. Whatever our different roles or status within the company, when we all stand in a circle doing our exercises we are all sharing an activity on an equal basis - something that does not normally happen. Implementing this [wellness programme] has been the biggest boost to staff moral and teambuilding I have ever seen in a company.close quote

Mike Tims
Managing Director, MTN-I


open quoteBefore the initial assessment I was sceptical of Equilibrium's chances of either holding my attention or doing anything worthwhile, but I was immediately impressed by the trainer's expertise and enthusiasm. Though sometimes involving hard work, the exercises deliver noticeable improvements very quickly and I feel a lot better about my posture, my balance has improved, and I get a lot less niggly muscle pains. Equilibrium is now one of the highlights of the week. close quote

Nick Jacob
MTN Market Reporter, MTN-I