Company Wellness Assessment

How healthy is your company?

assessment book pictureDid you realise that by improving the health and wellbeing of your company’s most valuable asset, your employees, you could improve the overall productivity of your company by 12.5%? (NASA Research).

Through Equilibrium's Company Wellness Assessment you will gain an understanding of what factors contribute to one's total wellbeing. By assessing these individual factors you can then begin to make changes to improve the overall health and performance of all of your staff.

This can be conducted with individuals, individual departments, or even across the company as a whole. We can then prioritise the main areas of concern and implement a programme to improve the health and wellbeing of all involved.

Just imagine if all of your employees increased their productivity by 12.5%!

open quote...The initial assessment was very reassuring; the instructor never makes you feel bad about how you are performing and the feedback, though technical, was explained well and easy to understand.close quote

Lorainne Cushnie
MTN Market Reporter MTN-I